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Der Moment... er kam und blieb...


So lag ich da,
mit der Klarheit,
dass ich der Sehnsucht
weiter Stand halten müsste.

Dieses Gefühl
der Einsamkeit und Ungewissheit
machte sich breit und breiter.

Wie ein eiskalter Luftzug kroch das ungestillte Verlangen
nach Liebe, Zuneigung und Leidenschaft durch meinen Körper
zu meinem Herzen hin.



Trotzdem schlich sich ein Lächeln auf meine Lippen,
und ein Glückschauer durchlief jede einzelne Faser meines Körpers...

...und ich warte weiter...

...auf die Erlösung von der Einsamkeit.






14.4.08 19:49


Sometimes you have to leave the past behind...

After Si. was behaving like the biggest jerk on monday, I finally deleted all the txts I got from him. And it just felt RIGHT!

Now this great burden and stupid story is finally completely over... and after his exams I'll probably never see him again.
At first I couldn't believe that he would ever behave like that and would do that... I treated me like a little girl, embarrassed me in front of my friends and made very hurting and bad jokes... Actually the jokes and the things he said weren't the deal, the thing was that I'd never expected him to do that to me!
Well, it wasn't the best way to break up with him the way I did it. But in the end it didn't feel right at all and I sworn to myself to never ever suppress my feelings towards or against anybody and so I was just being honest to him and myself.

Although it was hard to go through with all of this, it's been a big relief and I feel a lot better.

So, that's done and over... completely!

Another chapter of my life is written and done.




22.4.08 21:49




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